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Library is an integral part of any Institute imparting its services to the students, faculty members and other staff members. We assure you to offer the best library services. We promote each student to participate in the development process of the Library. The THDC IHET library collectively supports the teaching, research and extension programmers of the institute. The Library, besides having a huge collection of books on Engineering, Science, Technology and Humanities offers Library services through its various divisions. We have attempted to make the THDC IHET Library a 21st century knowledge based society of tomorrow. THDC IHET Library shall continue to adapt to challenging new demands and provides a professional and conducive learning atmosphere for the empowerment of its users. The library has huge collection of text books, Reference books presently more than 18000 books available in THDC IHET library. The Library has subscribed for 30Magazine. THDC IHET Library is a member of DELNET (Developing Library Network) New Delhi and institutional member of NDL(National Digital Library) It aims to collect, store, and disseminate information besides offering computerized services to users, to coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and also reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible.


Total No. of Books 18,000
Toatal No. of Titles 2100
Magazines 45
Daily Newspapers 12

Digital Library (E-books and E-Journals)

The library has Institutional member of NDLI (National Digital library of India). THDC-IHET library users can access all the e-contents through NDLI. National Digital Library of India (NDL) is a virtual teaching-learning evaluation-knowledge discovers and innovation platform which helps collaborative, personalized, self-paced, new-age multi-media education at all levels. It is a single window access to learn for e-contents working as an umbrella over existing digital repositories. To access NDLI, please click on the image below:

(Use the college WIFI to open the link)

THDC-IHET library has been subscribing following e-journals database: IEEE-ASPP (All-Society Periodicals Package): IEEE, a not-for-profit organization, is the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology. Through its more than 420,000 members in over 160 countries, IEEE is a leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers, and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power, and consumer electronics, among other technologies. The IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package provides access to the IEEE's core collection of engineering, electronics, and computer science periodicals including unlimited full-text access to 179 online IEEE society-sponsored journals and magazines, plus a back file to 2010 for all new subscribers. To access IEEE-ASPP, please click on the image below:

(Use the college WIFI to open the link)

The ASCE Library delivers the most respected and richest collection of civil engineering content in the world. With the integration of e-books, journals, and proceedings on one platform, ASCE Library is the single destination for all ASCE content. To access ASCE, please click on the image below:

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) was established in 1880, it is the one of the oldest mechanical engineers society in the world. ASME has largest member (approx 127,000) worldwide. It is a premier organization in the field of mechanical engineering. Besides, ASME also offering e-resources in the form of journals, conference proceedings, and ASME Press books. To access ASME, please click on the image below:

(Use the college WIFI to open the link)

DELNET is a resource sharing network of libraries and it was started in 1988 at Delhi with name of Delhi Library NETwork. It is the first operational library network in India and it was initially supported by the National Information System for Science and Technology (NISSAT), Department of Scientific and Industrial Reseach, Government of India. DELNET has been providing various facilities to member libraries such as:

  • Union Catalogues: Union Catalogue of Books, Union List of Current Periodicals, Union Catalogue of Periodicals. Union List of Video Recordings
  • CD-ROM Database
  • Database of Periodical Articles
  • Urdu Manuscripts' Database
  • Database of Theses and Dissertations

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Library Services

In the simple words, circulation service is concern to Issue-Return of library books and other reading materials. THDC-IHET library has been using LIBSYS-10 software and all the circulation related works is being performed through this software only. To issue any document from the library, all library users need authentic barcode library ID and through barcode technology circulation process is being done. The following table stipulated the borrowing guidelines for different members:

THDC-IHET library has an excellent web OPAC system. Library users can smoothly access library throughout the campus. Initially THDC-IHET library web OPAC is accessible within the campus but in future it shall be available globally through Internet. With the assistance of this system, library users can effortlessly check their accounts and search all library reading materials. For access of THDC-IHET web OPAC service, users are to be followed below mentioned steps:

The feature of Web OPAC is :

  • Search facility: By specifying Author, Title, subject, year of publication or any other field.
  • Status of the book: Whether the book is on shelf or issued.
  • Number of copies available in library.
  • Due date for the borrowed books

How to access the library web OPAC :

  • User should click on the below mentioned link.
  • After clicking on the below mentioned link web OPAC screen will pop up on your computer
  • Click the web OPAC and put the fields you required on Author, Title, Edition,etc. you will get details of book availability.

WEB-OPAC (click here)
Default login id and passwords is your roll number.
(Use the college WIFI to open the link)

THDC-IHET library has huge collection of CD/DVD (Accompanying with books) which users can be borrowed from the library along with magazine CDs/DVDs such as digit, open source for you, electronics for you, PC Quest etc. Besides, IELTS, TOFFEL CDs/DVDs are also available.

Through this service THDC-IHET library provides assistance to the library users in order to find out pinpoint information and right document. THDC-IHET library has all important reference sources like dictionaries, encyclopaedias, biographies, bibliographies, indexes, directories, almanacs, handbooks, and statistical sources. The collection ranges from general to subject specific sources. Library users can also contact to library staff for any assistance.

THDC-IHET library provides Xerox facility to the library users without any cost. Users can take this facility towards not-issuable materials of library such as reference books, magazine articles etc. the Xerox facility may be facilitated after the observing the demand of users and it cannot be infringed the ‘Copyright Law’.

THDC-IHET library runs user education programme in the starting of every academic year through Induction programme. Here, users can familiar about the facility of libraries and get their library membership. In addition to this, access of e-journals, NDLI, DELNET, NPTEL, information is also being provided to the new admitted students. Apart from this, any user can meet library staff throughout the year if he/she faces any difficulty in order to use library services.

THDC-IHET library subscribes Forty One Magazines and Journals (Hardcover). Library tried to provide all kind of magazines to the users such as Electronic, Computer Science, Automobile, competition, sports, current affairs, science, political, business, societal, sports, spiritual etc. The periodicity of these magazines is weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Besides, fifteen daily news papers are also subscribed by the library.

Rules and Regulations

  • 1. Reader should maintain Silence in the Library and should not disturb to other.
  • 2. All the Students are allowed to issue Only Two Books for Fifteen Days, After Fifteen Days they have to return the books on Circulation Counter.
  • 3. Faculty members are allowed four books to issue for One month after one month they have to return/ Reissued the Book.
  • 4. Reference book, rare books shall not be issued, May referred in the Library only.
  • 5. If any Faculty/ Staff / Student lost/ Damage the Library Books, Library will Charge New Books / Double Cost of the Books.
  • 6. If any Faculty/ Staff/ Student Found Stolen / Damage the Library Properties, Librarian is Authority to cancelled their library membership.
  • 7. Do not take out many books from Shelves. Take out only required books from the Shelves for your reading.
  • 8. Bring maximum one note book at a time inside the Library. Leave the rest of Your Belongings at the Property Counter outside the Library.
  • 9. Enter the Particulars of the books in the daily issue register at the exit of Library.
  • 10. The Janitor/ Library Attendant at the entrance is Authorized to examine everything that passes into /from the Library.
  • 11. Do not Carry Eatables and Drinkables inside the Library.
  • 12. Refrain your shelf from indulging in any destructive activity those results in damaging the library Property i.e. books, Furniture etc.

Library Team

S. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email
1 Dr. Sumeet Handa Dy. Librarian 01376-235977(Off),9927979001 [email protected]
[email protected]
2 Mr. Deepak Kumar Library assistant 9634635396 -
3 Mr. Jagdish Prasad Book Keeper 9456719452 -

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