s THDC IHET - THDC Institute of Hydropower Engineering and Technology

List of Faculty

Computer Science Engineering

S.No. Name Department
1 Mr. Vivek Kumar (HoD) Computer Science & Engineering
2 Mr. Manish Kumar Computer Science & Engineering
3 Mr. Rajendra Kumar Arya Computer Science & Engineering
4 Mr. Ankit Chamoli Computer Science & Engineering
5 Mr. Uppendra Ballabh Khatri Computer Science & Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

S.No. Name Department
1 Mr. Himanshu Nautiyal(HOD) Mechanical Engineering
2 Mr. Sachin Malura Mechanical Engineering
3 Mr. Tirath Singh Mechanical Engineering
4 Mr. Pankaj Rawat Mechanical Engineering
5 Mr. Kshitiz Pandey Mechanical Engineering
6 Mr. Kshitiz Sajwan Mechanical Engineering
7 Mr. Shubham Thapliyal Mechanical Engineering

CIVIL Engineering

S.No. Name Department
1 Mr. Joyti Prakash Semwal (HOD) CIVIL Engineering
2 Mr. Sameer Verma CIVIL Engineering
3 Ms. Suchita Sariyal CIVIL Engineering
4 Ms. Gemini Durgapal CIVIL Engineering
5 Ms. Meenal Parashar CIVIL Engineering
6 Ms. Monika Kaparwan CIVIL Engineering

Electrical Engineering

S.No. Name Department
1 Mr. Nitin Kumar(On Study Leave) Electrical Engineering
2 Mr. Vikrant Kumar(HoD) Electrical Engineering
3 Mr. Mandeep Guleria Electrical Engineering
4 Mr. Deepak Mehta Electrical Engineering
5 Mr. Amit Uniyal Electrical Engineering
6 Ms. Rashmi Salar Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

S.No. Name Department
1 Mr. Mahesh Kumar Aghwariya (HoD) Electronics and Communications Engineering
2 Ms. Anoopshi Johri Electronics and Communications Engineering
3 Mr. Anshu Singh Electronics and Communications Engineering
4 Mr. Anshu Semwal Electronics and Communications Engineering
5 Ms. Gitanjali Balutia Electronics and Communications Engineering

Applied Science & humanities Department

S.No. Name Department
1 Dr. Richa Bijalwan (HOD) (English)Applied Science & humanities Department
2 Dr. A.K. Singh (Mathematics)Applied Science & humanities Department
3 Dr. Sanjay Rawat (Mathematics)Applied Science & humanities Department
4 Dr. D.M. Bartwal (English)Applied Science & humanities Department
5 Dr. Kavita Tariyal (Environment)Applied Science & humanities Department
6 Dr. Sulaxna Sharma (Chemistry)Applied Science & humanities Department
7 Dr. Ramna Tripathi (Physics)Applied Science & humanities Department