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Department of Applied Science & Humanities

We aim to enhance scientific research standards in the fields of knowledge, the skill level and we try to keep the students abreast with the information of recent scientific developments.
The department of Applied Science works with a mission of generating between core areas of basic science and engineering, so that the outcome is a generation of better mental abilities for understanding and solving the engineering problems

Applied Science Department runs courses in Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Professional Communication, Economics and Humanities. It helps young minds to understand the fundamental concepts of all the basic sciences that further enhance into wide engineering subjects.

Original contributions to research and to ongoing debates in ethics, cultural anthropology, critical theory, cognition, ideology, development policy, organizational behavior and economic activity, environmental and gender studies, the history of science and technology, the philosophy of culture, and indeed to the nature of theory itself are crucial within a department like ours. It can and must respond with vigor to the challenges posed by the global dilemmas of the new millennium, by not only equipping young engineers with the basic concepts of various sciences but also infuse in them the very spirit of innovation and social well being.