s THDC IHET - THDC Institute of Hydropower Engineering and Technology


Department of Electrical Engineering


To impart high standard global learning environment and research activities with advanced technology in the interdisciplinary field producing quality engineers, industrial professionals and researchers with good ethical values & moral responsibilities towards society.


  • 1- To provide advanced learning facilities to aspirant engineering students at undergraduate level with continuous exposure and interaction with the outside world
    2- To prepare and produce engineers with the current needs of industry and society for sustainable development of the nation.

  • The courses of Electrical Engineering provide to illustrate practical and theoretical aspects of basic electrical devices, circuits, networks, electrical machines, power electronics, control system, industrial drives and control transducers and high voltage engineering etc.

    The global scenario of Electrical Engineers is very bright. There is a vast opening abroad and also in the country. Computer Aided Design and Database Management Systems have acquired a position of high relevance in which electrical engineers are able to do a lot. The industrial and technological developments of the country depend upon how efficiently the electrical energy is utilized. The control of electrical devices through microcontrollers has become increasingly important and opens new vistas of research and development.