“Art is the desire of man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.”

Art gives us a chance to find our self according to our imagination and solitude. Art indulges our senses into building a connection with our creative mind and Mother Nature. Art makes us feel good! With this spirit, the fine arts club welcomes all the kalakars in the creative journey.

The fine arts club is to encourage students to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity through the various visual art forms. The club provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provides them with the sight to see things in a different way.

The vision of the club is one of inclusion and creativity- everyone is welcome.


“Everything you can imagine is real and everything that you see around would be someone’s imagination.”

The aim of fine arts club is to foster an artistic environment in our college and develop an appreciation of art and aesthetics in the student’s community. Its aim is to bring out the creative, expressive and aesthetic potential of each student. The fine arts department encourages responsiveness to new ideas and respect for individual differences by fostering self-esteem, respect for others as well as their work, cultures and art.


The main objective of fine arts club is to encourage the budding talent of the students.

Provide opportunities and encouragement to express oneself freely.

Educational objective of this club are to encourage imagination, create ability and introduce an artistic environment.

Inspiring students to make maximum contribution as creative artists and citizens.

Organize various competitions, functions, and events in the college.

Make the student confident and competitive in the global environment.

To improve the imagination skill in entertainment.

To give the students artistic outlet and to help each enrich interest for art and personal experience through art.