Environment Club

Dr. Kavita Tariyal
Faculty Incharge : Dr. Kavita Tariyal

Message: This club is aimed to create awareness among the students for protection and preservation of environment by making them aware and conscious by achieving unpolluted surrounding with their help and to inculcate environmental consciousness to save and preserve our earth.

The objectives of Environment Club are as follows:
  • To help students acquire an awareness and sensitivity to the total environment and its problems
  • To help student acquire experience in using their acquired knowledge and skills in taking thoughtful, positive action toward the resolution of environmental issues and problems.
  • To help student acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for the sustainable production and consumption and participate in environmental maintenance and improvement
  • To provide opportunities for students to become directly involved in a variety of activities relating to the environment.

Literary Club

Dr. Richa Bijalwan
Faculty Co-ordinator : Dr. Richa Bijalwan

About the Literary Club: The Literary Club recognizes that professional development, comprehensive skills, including interpersonal skills, are important for success in today's world. The club is committed to helping students develop these skills through innovative activities, competitions, and workshops. The Literary Club is dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential and become confident, capable individuals. Various activities like book discussions, creative writing, extempore, impromptu, eclamations, book reviews, documentary reviews, and book exchange programmes will be organized in the club to achieve its goals. These activities provide a diverse range of opportunities for members to develop their skills and interests. Book discussions allow for the exchange of ideas and the improvement of critical thinking and communication skills. Creative writing and impromptu speaking exercises can help with self-expression and building confidence. Declamations and book reviews provide opportunities for public speaking and presentation skills. Documentary reviews can help with media analysis and understanding different perspectives. Finally, the book exchange programme promotes reading and sharing of knowledge. Overall, the planned activities are excellent and offer a variety of ways for members to grow and develop. By participating in these events, students have the opportunity to improve their communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills, among others. The club's activities provide a supportive and inclusive environment where students can practice and develop their interpersonal skills in an amusing and engaging way. The club's focus on holistic development helps students become versatile individuals who are prepared to succeed in their future academic and professional careers.

The objectives of Literary club is as follows:
  • To develop creative thinking and analytical skills related to linguistic proficiency
  • To provide a platform for evolving oratory, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • To induce reading habits among students.
  • To work on personality development and professional eloquence much needed in various workplaces
  • To proliferate Indian knowledge system and Indian tradition through reading and interpreting cultural and regional texts.

Innovation and Enterprenuership Club

Dr. Ramna Tripathi
Faculty Incharge: Dr. Ramna Tripathi
The objectives of Innovation and Enterprenuership Club is as follows:
  • To introduce latest technologies to help students be more resource efficient.
  • To provide collaborative platform where student can meet and work on their ideas to develop soft skills that a student must have.
  • To spread awareness among students about personal finance and techniques.

Tech. and Developer Club

Mr. Vivek Kumar
Faculty Incharge: Mr. Vivek Kumar
The objectives of Tech. and Developer Club is as follows:

Health and Wellness Club

Dr. D.M. Barthwal
Faculty Incharge: Dr. D.M. Barthwal

Message: This club is aimed to instill awareness on aspects of personal health and overall well-being as an individual by helping students understand the importance of healthy lifestyle through Health Education programs and to spread the awareness to others.

Objectives of the Health & Wellness Club

Art & Cultural Club

Mr. Sameer Verma
Faculty Incharge: Mr. Sameer Verma

Message: As the cultural club faculty coordinator, I want to remind you all that being a part of a cultural club is not just about showcasing your talents, but also about learning, understanding and respecting different cultures. This is an opportunity to broaden your horizon, make new friends, and build memories that will last a lifetime. Let's work together to create an inclusive and diverse community on campus. Remember, it's not about where you come from, it's about what you can bring to the table. Let's celebrate our differences and make a positive impact on our campus and community.

Objectives of the the cultural club